Living From Betting

Numerous people are seeking to match betting for extra income, but many are also looking to it as their only source of income.

These people include the ones that have already begun paired betting profitably, also the ones that are searching for ways to make money on the internet with a few hours’ work each day.

This lifestyle is very popular at the moment.

Many pupils are becoming matched bettors rather than looking for a job to pay off their tuition fees in just a year, in their spare time.

Additionally, it is increasingly popular with fathers and stay-at-home mothers who need a way to generate money online easily whilst handling the difficult task of parenthood.

The reason you want to make a living with betting is simple:

It’s incredibly simple and can be done by anyone.
The income can be wonderful.

In this post, we’re going to tell you everything about making a living with matched gambling; you need to know like we do.

Before We Get Started…

If you’re looking for ways to make money online but you do know what matched gambling is, then we absolutely recommend you check out our definitive guide?

If you want to continue reading this guide, we are going to make the assumption that you understand it is entirely possible to generate a living online and that you are familiar with the idea of gambling.

Let’s begin!

Earning Expectations

How much are you planning to make from betting that is matched?

You want to be realistic in the amounts which you believe that you can achieve, depending on the hours you put in.

We would suggest that an average of 1,000 gains (tax-free) per month is achievable for full time coordinated bettors, with 1,500+profit competent on good months.

Matched gambling is 100 meaning a 1,500 monthly profit is actually equal to a taxed salary of over 20,000.

Not too shabby for a couple of hours in a computer from home daily.

You’d earn a minimum of 24,000 per year — that is exactly the same as having a salary of over 30,000 at a regular job, if you’re able to split that profit margin monthly!

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This is achievable with one account with every bookmaker and casino.

Matched Betting Bankroll

One thing that will be essential for matched betting to make an income is the bankroll.

Your bankroll is the money that you will solely invest in matched betting, not all of the money that’s in your bank.

In fact, we’d recommend you actually use a separate bank account for matched betting; it is not essential, although this will truly help you become more organized.

Another bank account will also be useful when you have a few, or many payments monthly such as mortgage or rent payments, together with direct debits.

Ensuring you have set aside to pay your bills is obviously a part of ‘turning expert’.

If you’re looking to earn a full-time income, you’re going to need a minimum of around 4,000-5,000 in your bankroll. You’ll need a little more than this.

This can of course be earned before going by building your profit that was matched over the course of a month or two.


You only need 100 or matched gambling in the first place.

You should turn this into thousands of pounds within only a couple of
months if you put the work in.

If you’re lucky enough to have a couple of grand spare then you will have the ability to make the bigger money instantly, as long as you place the work in and follow instructions carefully, although we’d still advise getting in gradually rather than diving in head first.

It’s important to be aware that you will rarely need to use all of your
bankroll in one go.

In case you ‘win’ all out of your betting exchange into bookmaker’s
accounts or vice versa, you are going to have to deposit funds
when necessary whilst you wait to process for withdrawals.

The withdrawal process typically takes 2-5 days with most bookmakers,
just as it would for any refund from any shop.

Your bankroll is more of a safety net than anything.

Maintaining Accounts Healthy

A very important part of betting that is coordinated is a technique
known as mug betting. Mug gambling is what makes you look like a normal punter in the view of bookies.


Bookies are relatively happy for you to do match betting, as long as
you don’t take too much value.

Mug betting is the way you give a little back to them, without actually
giving anything (or much) back.

The process of mug gambling games that won’t qualify you for supplies or involves betting on races. To the bookie, this stops you looking like a ‘bonus hunter’ because you clearly need to bet on events and not just ones which may qualify you for a free bet.

We’ve covered mug if you want to find out more about the intricacies of maintaining your bookmaker accounts 21, betting. If you’re familiar with the Beating Betting site, you will probably know
that we recommend using Odds monkey for most matched betting needs.

However, if you’re planning on trying to use gambling for your source of income, then it’s definitely a good idea to consider adding two or
another tool.

For the most part, another subscription will only cost a couple of days’ worth of profit at most and it may take one great offer to recoup the cost of it.

The number one alternative tool that we recommend is Profit Maximize, which is because they cover an area that is alternative .

Maximize specializes in casino offers, meaning they’ll list a
significantly higher list of offers in this area and they can be
incredibly lucrative (even higher risk).

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