Quinella Bet Explained

What’s a Quinella Bet?

A Quinella bet involves choosing two horses and you’re a winner if they
come in first and second in the race at any sequence.

If you pick # 2 horses, you’re a winner on a Quinella bet if they complete #1 – # 2 or # 2 – #1. The payoff will be the same.

In a Quinella box, you have to choose three or more horses. You’re a winner, if two of those three or more horses finish first and second. So In case you choose the #1 and #2 you’ll win as long as two of those three end in the second and first place.

Not all platforms offer Quinellas.

Quinella vs Exacta Box

Bear in mind that the payoff will be exactly the same if it comes out
#1 – # 2 or # 2 – #1. Quinella and an Exacta box differ. If you play with your option as a favorite and with an Exacta box along with your choice is a longshot and prefer two horses, you will be rewarded.

By way of instance, say the race is won by a 10/1 longshot and the 5/2
favorite runs second. $60 might be returned by the Exacta.

The Exacta
would pay around $30 if the 5/2 favorite wins using the 10/1 longshot running second.

The exact same would be paid by Quinella regardless.

Since you can cover two horses with only a bet, the Quinella is liked by bettors with bankrolls. A $ 2 Quinella box is a bet that is $6. But Exactas are now offered by more and more monitors and a horseplayer is better off enjoying playing the Quinella, Exacta boxes as opposed.

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But as you learn how to see the payoffs located on the television screens as well as the board, observe the payoffs and you might want to do some pricing. You can sometimes find areas where the Quinella might wind up offering value.

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